March 2018

We recently (2/28/18) had our house tented and fumigated for termites. We compliment your company on doing an outstanding job. All of your employees are polite and very competent. They were careful and respectful of our roof, the tiles and the property in general. Jeff Crane provided us with the contract and explained the entire process (packaging the food, neighbors aware, etc….). He was also present on the day the tent was removed. Robert Alvarado is a dynamic leader. His crew worked very well under his coordinated efforts. He was involved in every aspect of the tenting and was constantly on the move, not pausing a minute. Robert, Jeff and their professional crew left the property in good condition. A big thank you to all involved!

Bayside Walk, 92109

February 2018

Mrs. Stewart called into the office to let us know how much she appreciates Jesse. He is currently taking care of a gopher problem for her. Mrs. Stewart and her husband were very impressed with his knowledge and communication. They have never met a friendlier technician than Jesse!

October 2017

Robert and his crew did an excellent job with the fumigation. I was impressed with their careful handling of the property (took shoes off before entering the house, hosed down the area and cleared trash/debris.

May 2017


“I wanted to compliment Kevin. It was his first time at my property and he did great!”

-Al from 92117

October 2016

““This letter is in regards to the fumigation that you did at my residence from August 16-18th of this year. I wanted to take a minute to commend you on a job well done from start to finish. I appreciated that your men showed up on time. Then, it turned out I forgot to bag an entire cupboard full of food, but one of your guys was nice enough to do it for me. I appreciated that I was able to re-enter my house 2 days later  at  11am, just like I’d been told at the start. I appreciate that the final price was exactly what you said it would be, and that you didn’t charge my credit card until the day after the work was complete. But most of all, the thing that is just amazing, is how there have been literally  no bugs in the house for the past month and a half. No crickets. No Spiders. No mystery insects. Not even one. Maybe this is normal. (And yes, I realize they’re bound to come back eventually). But I had no idea, when I decided to go ahead with the fumigation, that this is what the outcome would be. I agreed to do it because of the termites, which I knew needed to be eradicated. Thanks again, and keep up the great work”

– Mike G from 92115

When Cindy & I moved into our house in 2004, it had been serviced by Harbor Pest Control for at least 20 years. In 2013 we experience an unprecedented and persistent problem with rats in & under the house. Kathy took our rat problem with dogged determination & thorough professionalism. Her investigation and trapping went on for almost three years and finally, Kathy pointed to a particular wall and told us that, in her opinion, the entry point had to be behind the wall. We had a portion of that wall removed and, sure enough, there was a decayed iron pipe that was the entry point for the Norway rats. We had that pipe repaired and capped and have not had a rat problem since. In our opinion, Kathy Beeler is not only the best exterminator at Harbor Pest Control but likely the best exterminator ever. She is friendly, determined, and thoroughly committed to her clients. She is unmatched in technical matters pertaining to pest control and professional at all times

– Mike & Cindy from 92106

August 2016

Just a note of recognition of Patrick who replaced, caulked and primed the wood at our residence. He is a terrific employee for your company. Personable, on time, diligent and takes “ownership” of his projects. He truly cares that his work represents who he is and is proud of his company. Many thanks for his work.
-Tom D. from San Diego

June 2016

I am writing to thank the Harbor Pest Control team on the exceptional job they performed tenting my home. The job was performed extremely well, on time and cleanup was spectacular. In particular, I want to personally thank Mr. Jeff Crane and the team of professionals. They performed admirably, were considerate and caring and answered all my questions. They certainly treated me and my home with respect and care; as such, they are a tremendous credit to the Harbor name- L. Gerencser

March, 2016

My termite inspector, Michael, was delightful. He is very knowledgeable and he didn’t mind taking the time to teach me about the termites and what was going on in our home. I give him an 11, out of a scale of 1-10.  – Leslie from Point Loma, San Diego

March, 2016

Jorge and Patrick were out to do the termite treatment at our home. They were kind, courteous, prompt, efficient and professional. I will request them do any work at our house in the future.  – Nina from Clairemont, San Diego

March, 2016

Jeremy did a very good job. I really appreciate his work.  – Michael from University City, San Diego

February, 2016

I want to compliment the company as a whole, but particularly my pest control technicians Kathy and Kevin. They are always prompt, easy to deal with, and do a good job at staying on top of the situations. Besides, they like my dog – and my dog likes them!   – Joy from Grantville, San Diego

May 14, 2013

I was throwing out old bills of my mom’s.  You did work for my parents many years ago, (last bill was 2007).  I’d like to belatedly thank you.  Dad trusted you, mom never trusted anyone but she totally trusted you and was more than satisfied with your service.  I’m sure your reps weren’t aware they were dealing with a 100 year old woman.  Living 200 miles away from mom, I appreciate your help, your work, your professionalism, and the way you treated my folks.  It would have been easy to take advantage of an old woman.  Your firm didn’t.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you.  Please know that your service and kindness have been remembered and appreciated many years after the fact.  Donn – El Cajon

April 25, 2013

It has been on my list to call and compliment the owner about his crew.  In these days it is absolutely refreshing to work with a good crew who cares about what they are doing and do a damn good job.  Roger – San Diego

April 4, 2013

I wanted to extend my thanks to Sue in the office and to Kathy in the field for helping us out at the parish with an unexpected dead animal removal from our grounds.  When I called to get some advice on what we should do to remove the animal, Sue was kind enough to arrange for Kathy to come to our rescue.  I know it was above and beyond the call of duty for them both and I wanted to offer my thanks for such wonderful service! Cindy – San Diego

February 28, 2013

I want to thank you for the ease, on our part, of the fumigation.  The crew was stellar and made it happen with a minimum of trouble.  On that Wednesday morning, when Laura and I found the corner of the tent had popped, Tim showed up and explained the options.  They put another 20 pounds of gas and let it work for the rest of the day.  Yeah, it’s hard to know if it was a total kill, but we saw no evidence of anything moving.  We’ll see what happens over the course of the next few months.  I’m feeling pretty confident.  I can’t imagine using any other pest control company in the future.  Jim & Laura – La Jolla

July 25,2012

We were very impressed by the professionalism of Jeff and the Harbor Pest team, and delighted that there were very few signs that the crew had even been on board our boat.  Assuming that a total kill has taken place, we are truly delighted customers!  Peter – San Diego

June 21, 2011

Please be advised that your employee Jeff did a thorough and professional job of inspecting my property yesterday. Before departing he thanked me for being a customer of Harbor Pest Control. Sincerely yours, Robert – San Diego

May 9, 2011

I wanted to send thanks to Jeff and Jorge for the great job they did on our home. We are a repeat customer of Harbor and have always received great service from your company, (2004 & 2011). Jeff remembered us from our previous job. Jorge was a great teacher, telling us about sub termites, their appetites and habits. Kudos to you for having such great employees! Janet and John – San Carlos

April 3, 2011

I wanted to acknowledge one of your employees, Michael Beck for his outstanding service. Michael is not only friendly, knowledgeable and efficient he represents why a customer would choose Harbor Pest Control over other pest control companies in San Diego. I appreciate the value of excellent employees. Michael deserves a raise. I utilize Harbor Pest Control for my residence in Point Loma and will be utilizing Harbor Pest Control for the Chula Vista property in the near future. With employees like Michael, Harbor Pest Control will always be my first choice. Gail – Chula Vista

November 2, 2010

I have worked with Mike for ~ 10 yrs. and he has always been honest with all parties. He and Harbor, while not perfect, have stepped up and taken care of the buyer / seller by doing what is right when there was a miss or an error occurred. I think Harbor is less expensive than others and would strongly prefer that Harbor do the tenting / repairs. Jeff – San Diego

September 29, 2010

I want to commend Rhonda and Jesse. Both are exceptional employees. I decided to go with Harbor after calling around and talking to numerous others — Rhonda was the only person who actually listened to me and had a conversation about the rats (!) in my attic. Jesse showed up on time, was extremely friendly and professional, and was thorough in explaining everything to me. Because of Rhonda and Jesse (and assuming the problem is fully resolved), I will recommend Harbor to all of my friends and neighbors. Thank you. Patrick A. – San Diego

August 19, 2010

Jessie has come to our home a few times now. He is always pleasant and listens to what we describe as a problem. He is thorough and professional! Thanks, Harbor, for a great employee. Ruth and Joel P. – La Jolla

August 19, 2010

Kathy came promptly to my house when I called your office in a state of panic over bees in my house. She was very nice and checked my house thoroughly and assured me that the bees were gone. If I should be in need of pest control again, I would call your office to take care of my needs. It is so pleasant to deal with someone like Kathy from Harbor Pest Control. Donna V. – El Cajon

July 15, 2010

They came out on time and took a look at our house and told us that we didn’t need their service. They said we should patch up a few holes near the sewer line and we’d be good. That’s amazing, they basically turned down money for our benefit. The only reason I didn’t give them a 5 is because they could be a little more competitive with the cost of their regular service, and they could us a bit more environmentally friendly pesticide. but they are very trustworthy, and that’s probably the most important thing I look for in any contracted service. Matt and Melanie C. – San Diego

July 25, 2009

Harbor Pest Control has serviced our residence for a long, long time, with both termite and lawn and garden pest control. We have been extremely pleased with their on-going punctuality, cleanliness and superior technical knowledge. They go out of their way to ensure that everything is perfect in execution. The last time we required fumigation for termites, some wood damage had occurred since prior fumigation and they recommended a very reliable structural repair crew. The work was efficient accomplished in a very timely manner and professional second to none. It is always a pleasure to do business with Harbor Pest Control and I might add that their costs are very competitive in the San Diego County area. Conrad – San Diego


My husband and I have used Harbor Pest Control for many years and have always been pleased with their exceptional service. We first hired Harbor Pest Control to treat our Point Loma home for termite damage in 2001. Because we live in a termite prone area, we decided to purchase a termite warranty on our property that includes yearly inspections and treatment, and covers full fumigation if necessary. This has provided wonderful peace-of-mind for us. The yearly inspections have always been easy to schedule, very thorough, and the technician has generally been able to treat anything he finds right away. In 2006 we began to have more and more evidence of termite activity. I called Harbor each time and they immediately sent someone out to treat the problem. After several such calls the technician decided it would be best to fumigate our home, even though it had been fumigated in 1999. Harbor was completely willing to stand behind their warranty and provide us with a full fumigation, no questions asked. Our technician gave us detailed instructions and provided everything we needed to prepare our home. The fumigation went smoothly and the crew did an excellent job, treating our property with care and respect. We could not be more pleased with the results. We also appreciate the continuity that Harbor provides. Charlie comes to inspect out home each year and he know the ins and outs of our property. He remembers where are troubled areas are. He is professional, efficient, and very helpful. We have had nothing but excellent service from everyone at Harbor Pest Control and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking pest control services. Rachel – Point Loma


For a number of years, our HOA has used Harbor Pest Control for our termite inspection company. We could not be more pleased with their dedication and work ethic. They have gone above and beyond to help us remove termites time and again. We would not hesitate to recommend Harbor Pest Control for any termite work necessary. Jim – HOA Board Member

Harbor Pest Control services are greatly appreciated. Harbor Pest Control acts in a very timely, cooperative and respectful manner to all of our home owners as well as assists me with whatever questions or concerns I may have. I appreciate doing business with Harbor Pest Control and have no problem referring them to other managers who will end up being equally pleased. Christina – Property Manager

Harbor Pest Control has been our primary pest control company for more than 10 years now. They have been responsive, fast and courteous. I have always received a response within 24 hours and have been more than pleased with our contract. Even when fumigation was necessary, the process was easy and left no trace of their presence. I am more than confident in recommending their services and as a realtor; I have recommended their services to many of my clients. Daniel – HOA Board Member

We proudly serve San Diego, La Jolla, Alpine, Bonita, Chula Vista, Coronado, El Cajon, Imperial Beach, Jamul, La Mesa, Lakeside, Lemon Grove, National City, Santee, Spring Valley, and the surrounding areas in California.