Ants can become a major annoyance to homeowners in San Diego if they are allowed to establish their colonies in the home’s interiors. However, effective prevention and control depends on identification of the species. In the U.S., we know of 30 indoor species out of more than 550 ant species found all over the country.

Ants are social insects, so when you see one or two crawling on the walls and counters, it is likely that there are hundred more behind them. Ants move indoors in search of water and food. They can be found near leaky pipes and plumbing. They enter the home through tiny cracks in the floors and walls, improperly sealed windows and vents of any kind. Landscape materials that overhang the house provide an easy way for ants to get in. Once inside, ants may establish a nest within the walls or any place hospitable for their survival.

Most indoor ants are non-biting pests, preferring to dine on aphids, scale or dead insects. This is certainly true for carpenter ants and odorous house ants. However, carpenter ants excavate into wood, paper and composite building materials to create a space for their nests. Odorous house ants give off a chemical odor when crushed up, but disturb one nest, and you will find yourself dealing with two very quickly. Likewise, pharaoh ants have the same ability to spread quickly because they have multiple queens.

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Ant infestations are not usually cause for alarm, but if left uncontrolled, the annoyance can turn into a major headache that will cost more to manage. At Harbor Pest Control, our technicians will come to your home to examine the extent of the ant infestation. We will recommend a plan to rid your home of annoying ants and prevent re-infestation. We also offer year-round pest management services covering most of the common household pests. Schedule an initial visit with one of our experienced technicians. Harbor Pest Control has answers to your pest problems.