Eastlake, CA Pest Control

The community of Eastlake, CA, was a key part of the expansion of Chula Vista. The growing neighborhood is home to one of three United States Olympic Training Centers in the United States. Now known as the Elite Athlete Training Center, the athletic hub is one of the area's most impressive attractions. Year-round warm weather and lovely views also contribute to Eastlake's appeal, but humans aren't the only ones drawn to the sunny clime.

This bustling area attracts plenty of travelers and diners. While tourism is a big bonus for the local economy, it also means there's a higher pest risk. Roaches, ants and rodents can be found looking for food and shelter. Tourists unknowingly bring bed bugs to the city in their luggage and other belongings. These bugs, mice and rats disrupt daily activities at homes and businesses. Some even pose a threat to your health and safety.

Residential Pest Control

Ants are a problem in many homes. Although they do bite, most ants are simply nuisances. However, the carpenter ant can cause serious damage to your house by hollowing out its structural wood. Discarded wings and mud tubes are a sight no homeowner wants to see; they signal an infestation by the equally dangerous termite. Some homeowners are unable to get insured against these wood-eating pests, and they may not even find any visible clues that these pests have invaded their homes. That's why it's so important to schedule an inspection before a serious termite infestation gets underway.

Commercial Pest Control

Pest control is equally important at businesses. Companies must protect employees, customers, clients and other visitors from the physical dangers of certain pests. Cockroaches contaminate food and trigger asthma attacks; stinging insects cause painful stings and serious or deadly allergic reactions; mice spread the potentially fatal hantavirus via droppings; and mosquitoes spread many types of viruses and diseases. Insects and rodents also threaten your company's physical structure and reputation. One case of bedbugs in a hotel room or a single roach sighting could do major damage to your public image. And a mouse or rat gnawing on electrical wiring can cause life-threatening fires, requiring you to temporarily shut down your business.

Harbor Pest Control Services

Harbor Pest Control offers a wide range of services to protect homes and businesses in Eastlake, CA. Keep your property safe and nuisance-free with these pest services:

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