Tips For Uninviting Pests From Your Family’s Holiday Celebrations

With the holidays upon us, you are no doubt looking forward to spending time with your friends and family. While having all of your loved ones over for a nice dinner is great, you don’t want to have to deal with uninvited guests. No, we are not talking about people. In this case, we are talking about pests.

Think about it: as much as you cannot wait to dig into whatever you heaped on your plate, those bugs and critters inside your home can’t wait, either. And they may not make an appearance at your table. But you can bet they’ll be on your kitchen floor or in your trash cans later, looking for some juicy scraps.

So, what can you do to make sure these pests don’t show up this year? Here are some tips for uninviting those pests from your family’s holiday celebrations.

Clean up Your Yard

Having a nice, well-maintained lawn isn’t just nice to look at. It can also help keep your house pest-free. 

Cut your grass, maintain your shrubs and pick up your trash. Then, outside pests will have fewer places to hide or live. This reduces the number of pests in your area. In turn, this makes it less likely that any of them will find a way inside.

Clean the Inside, Too

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised: clean your house! 

Insects and other critters are counting on you having a messy house. The clutter not only gives them plenty of places to hide. It also helps provide them with materials to build their nests. 

Even more, what you might think is just trash is often a great source of food for these invaders. So, take the time and make sure your house is clean and clutter-free! 

Sweep and mop all your floors and dust all your surfaces. Wipe down your counters and empty all trash cans that contain any sort of food waste.

Don’t Wait Until Morning

After a nice meal, it’s tempting to just let dishes soak and wait until the next morning to deal with the mess. Your uninvited guests are counting on this attitude. It gives them all night to feed and explore! 

Take the time that very night to clean up all food scraps, do the dishes and wipe down your counters. The less out there for these pests, the less likely they are to stay.

To keep those unwanted guests away, you have to work for it. A messy or cluttered home is the invitation these invaders are looking for. So start working now to keep these unwanted guests away this season. 

If you need more tips on how to stay pest-free, or you would like to set up a consultation with a professional, contact us at Harbor Pest Control today.