Common Areas To Find Excessive Moisture In and Around Your Home!

Excessive moisture is one of the most critical problems facing many homes today. At Harbor Pest Control, we’ve seen it happen too many times. 

It can lead to pests showing up on your doorstep, looking for a water source. Or other issues such as mold, mildew, and even rotting wood that could weaken your home.

Basically, all things that you really want to avoid if possible. 

Yet, even though it’s such a considerable risk, it can be hard to spot before it has already done damage. So to save you the headache from finding an issue too late, here are some common spots that may be at risk!

Inside Your Home…

Check the Pipes.

We recommend checking your pipes regularly to ensure there are no leaks. It can be obvious, but it can also be very subtle. If you want, you can wipe a clean paper towel along the pipe to spot those subtle leaks easily. 

Examine the Bathroom.

Your bathroom, if you use it correctly, experiences a lot of moisture. That being the case, seals with caulking can eventually give way over time. Even a tiny hole in it can lead to a lot of moisture building up. 

Take some time to examine the caulking around your bathtub, sink and shower. Replace any that seems to be failing. 

Outside Your Home… 

The build-up of moisture anywhere around your home is bad. Even if it’s outside, it can still draw in pests. So it’s best to ensure that everything is flowing smoothly outside with good drainage. 

Check Your Gutter.

Speaking of drainage, it’s a good idea to check your gutters. If they get or remain clogged, they can attract mosquitoes, cockroaches and even carpenter ants

Clear Bushes or Tree Limbs.

You should never leave bushes or tree limbs making contact with your home. The vegetation can trap an excessive amount of moisture and shelter many pests. It can even act as a bridge to your home. 

To prevent that, keep a foot of space between the vegetation and your home. 

More Tips To Keep in Mind…

  • Eliminate any standing water, which includes birdbaths, potholes and trash cans. Any water left alone can be a water source for pests and a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 
  • Make sure your sprinklers don’t hit your home. 
  • Avoid excessive pine straw around your home. It’s very prone to trapping moisture and providing cover for pests. 

If the moisture problem has already attracted the pests, you can only do one thing. Call a professional pest control service. At Harbor Pest Control, we’ll eliminate any pests that have taken up residence on your property. 

Call Harbor Pest Control today.