4 Different Ways Pests Enter Your Home

There is a multitude of ways pests can enter your home. Whether it’s ants, cockroaches, termites or rodents, these pests are determined to find a way inside. During the winter months, pests are trying even harder to find a warm place to stay.

It is vital to know the most common ways pests can get in, so you know how to stop them. Here are some of the ways pests enter your home. 

Doors and Windows

One of the easiest ways insects enter your home is through an unsealed doorway or window sill. Even the smallest crack is no match for smaller insects like ants and mites. Ensure your doorways are properly sealed by checking your door sweep and weather stripping. 

Lock and seal your windows properly. For extra protection, spray household bug repellent around your windows and doorways. 

Items Carried in by You

Many insects love to hitch a ride indoors on a plant, a piece of firewood or on your clothes. When you come in from working outside, check yourself for bugs thoroughly. Checking yourself is especially vital in the warmer months because of ticks. Brush off any plants or firewood before bringing them inside and sweep your floors regularly to keep bugs out. 

Vents and Exhaust Fans

These entry points are often overlooked but are often one of the easiest ways pests can enter your home. Check all your air vents, exhaust fans and dryer vents regularly for any holes, cracks or weather damage. Just like doors and windows, the smallest crack can be an easy access point for pests. 

Mulch and Gardening

While not as much of an issue this time of year, mulch and gardens also attract pests to your home. Keep gardens farther away from your home if possible, and trim any ivy or weeds that may grow on your house. Creeper vines are like ladders for pests, allowing them easy access to your home or roof. 

Keep mulch away from your house if possible, too. If mulch is too close to your foundation, it may attract insects and other pests. 

Contact the Experts

Pests are a nuisance no matter how they enter your home. If you find yourself with an infestation, contact the pest control experts at Harbor Pest Control today. We serve the greater San Diego area and are committed to keeping your home pest-free.