4 Reasons to Spray Your House in Autumn

As summer is winding down, you’re appreciating the fact that Autumn brings with it cooler temperatures that are much easier to contend with. That is great for you, but have you considered how the transition of the seasons affects pests? Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not around. Here are four reasons to spray your house in Autumn.

Reason #1: Seeking Shelter

As the temperature begins to transition from summer to fall, this is a sign for insects and rodents to know they will need shelter from the winter months to come. So, they will be looking for warm places to harbor. Although they can hibernate in the great outdoors, they would prefer to be indoors. That means your home will be a prime location for pests to seek shelter. Spraying your home in the fall is a great defense to protect against the possibility of a pest invasion.

Reason #2: Pests of The Season

Most people think that once the summer ends, they’ll see fewer pests around their homes. That is not always true. There are many pests you can expect to see more of as the temperature gets a little cooler outside. They include cluster flies, carpenter ants, mice and rats and bedbugs. 

Reason #3: Hidden With Holiday Decor

The fall is the start of the holiday season, starting with Halloween. And if you’re like most people, you store your holiday decor until it’s time to use it again. You probably give all of your decorations a good shake after taking them out of boxes in the hopes of shaking out anything that shouldn’t be there. But what are the chances of shaking out all of those pesky pests that have taken residence in your attic, hiding inside boxes and crates? Odds are, the chances are very slim. That’s why spraying in the fall is such a smart thing to do. 

Reason #4: Decluttering Brings Surprises

Just as spring is a great time of the year to clean certain parts of the house in time for a clean, springtime home, the fall is a great time to declutter. But be careful, consider what could be in that pile of clothes, stacks of paper or cardboard boxes that have been sitting for months. These are the types of spaces pests look for when they’re seeking shelter. 

Where to Get Your House Sprayed This Fall

You can spray around your home yourself, hoping to end any potential pests problems. But it will only be a temporary fix due to the lack of appliances needed. Let our pest control experts at Harbor Pest Control inspect your home and provide you with the maintenance you need to feel secure from pests this winter. Contact our team today to get a free quote on all of our pest control services!